Friday, January 15, 2010

Petrus: Pope Benedict rumored to have reigned in Cdl Schonborn on Medjugorje

According to the Italian Catholic news site, Petrus, word was "filtering out of the 'Sacred Palace'" that Pope Benedict has, "called Cardinal Schonborn into line" over his recent trip to Medjugorje (if you click the pick at top, you will see that His Eminence had a private audience with Pope Benedict today).  The trip was billed as "private", but the Cardinal put himself squarely at the center of attention, being photographed with one of the "seers", giving a public address, and celebrating Mass for the Solemnity of the Mother of God on New Years Eve - all without requesting permission from the local bishop. 

"Far be it from me to think of judging the conduct of Cardinal Schönborn, but I, considering the morbid attention which is concentrated on Medjugorje, and as I always do every time I go out from Rome, would have spoken beforehand with Monsignor Peric: when we Cardinals enter into a Diocese, we are entering into the "house" of the Bishop of the place and we must have the good manners and good sense to announce ourselves."

This latest rumbling on Medjugorje has been translated again by Richard  Chonak of Catholic Light.  In part, it reads:

Then, as the Holy See has not yet expressed itself on the apparitions and many Cardinals and Bishops have shown their skepticism on the authenticity of the apparitions, Benedict XVI has therefore asked Schönborn for more prudence in statements relative to Medjugorje (the destination, this year, of millions of pilgrims), so that his presence there, as a member of the College of Cardinals, not be exploited by anyone to "authenticate" phenomena which the Holy See intends to monitor and analyze, besides the ordinary way, with an ad hoc Commission to whose guidance Cardinal Camillo Ruini will reportedly be called.

Read the entire translation of the Petrus article at Catholic Light.

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