Friday, January 29, 2010


Ok folks, now is your opportunity to be heard.  There is an ad that is suppose to run during the superbowl featuring the story of a mother who chose not to abort her baby after it was recommended by doctors.  Guess what?  He was born normal, and over two decades later, is headed to the Superbowl. 

CBS is undoubtedly taking flak from pro-aborts.

Of course, someone is making a choice to pay to run the ad, which doesn't affect people's choice to watch the ad, but the pro-aborts are pushing to kill the ad because it is "anti-choice".   OK, I think I understand. 

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Go read more at Catholic Vote by Joshua Mercer: Pro-aborts writhe as Tebow stands strong, and what you can do to stand strong for him

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Maria said...

Hallelujia!!! Our hope is confirmed and emerges from unlikely quarters. Gloria Alred claims that the Mother was in the Phillipines at the time, where aborion is illegal. Bill Donohue found tape in which, when it was to her advantage in the Scott Peterson case, she noted outrage becuase Lacy AND her baby were murdered. Donohue has called her out on this this.
Mother Mary pray for us.

Nick said...

Even my liberal friends see the ad as good. They see it as sharing happiness with others. The only way the pro-abortion folks could see it as bad is if they're looking at the with the eye of politics.

Mary said...

FYI for those who slander Pam Tebow:

Abortion has ALWAYS been READILY and EASILY available in the Philippines, even more so than in the US before the disastrous Supreme Court decision in the US in 1973.

Vendors of time-immemorial herbal abortion potions are OPENLY IN THE STREETS, APPROACHING VULNERABLE LOOKING WOMEN, and selling them their relatively inexpensive poison cocktails which cause those who drink them to begin severe contractions which will abort their babies.

The way their plan works is that the potion is sold legally under the guise of an herbal remedy for "menstrual troubles." Thus, after the women drink it and begin labor and bleeding, they will legally end up in the emergency room to be treated for severe hemorrhage and "spontaneous abortion," otherwise known as "miscarriage."

Thus women obtain abortion, even though it is illegal. This is general knowledge in the Philippines, and it has gone on for eons.

It is also noteworthy that MANY of the "vendors" of abortion potions work the streets directly in front of CHURCHES, where worried women in crisis pregnancies are going to pray to God for help. She is spotted as a potential customer, approached and questioned, then enticed to believe that what she really has is only a menstrual problem, and that the potion is the answer. ALL DONE LEGALLY.

satan is very alive and well, EVEN in the Philippines!

p.s. from Mary said...

From Dr. Alveda King's website:

"My involuntary abortion was performed just prior to Roe v. Wade by my private physician without my consent....I did not ask for and did not want an abortion. The doctor said, 'You don’t need to be pregnant, let’s see.' He proceeded to perform a painful examination which resulted in a gush of blood and tissue emanating from my womb. He explained that he had performed a 'local D and C.' "

And this with abortion illegal in the US! Where this a will, there is a way...

Any "doctor" anywhere in the world, who would recommend a woman to abort her child, legally or illegally, unquestionably knows for sure how to accomplish it, and who will do it, if not done by their own selves.

May God reward Pam Tebow, for her courage in choosing life for her child at the expense of her own, and for standing up publicly, graciously, and fearlessly in the face of vicious attacks, so that hearts may be converted and that others may have life! You go, girl!