Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bp Schneider on local and national Catholic media...


I mentioned earlier that Bishop Scheider's homily from the Mass he celebrated on EWTN would soon be available. I found it this evening. It will only be online for about a total of 14 days from the time they uploaded it. If you want to hear it, download it now and you can listen to it or save it for later. His Excellency gave an excellent homily on Mary Magdalene.

One thing I like about this bishop is that his style is very much like Pope Benedict. It is humble and inviting. It is not harsh, but gentle. This manner of preaching does not escalate negativity or anger in humble souls, and is capable of leaving the prideful more humbled. This level of speech is beyond mere style because it is not developed through public speaking classes, but through prayer and grace. It is pure love of Christ and neighbor manifested in a highly virtuous form of speaking.


I have also learned this evening that Bishop Schneider will be interviewed by Al Kresta on Ave Maria Radio on Monday. Al Kresta's show can be heard on AM 990 locally in southeast Michigan, or on the internet anywhere in the world, starting at 4:00pm EST. Just click "Listen Live".


His Excellency was interviewed at EWTN for a forthcoming program, but I am still working on finding out what program and when.

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James M said...

Thanks for posting the EWTN link to Bishop Schneider's sermon. It is one thing to read the words: "only the blood of Jesus can wash our souls clean"...but it is quite another thing to hear Bishop Schneider say it! How much meaning it carries. How clearly true it is from his lips.