Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bp Athanasius Schneider will celebrate Mass at Grotto this weekend and will hold two talks next Sunday

**Udpated July 21st (see link below to photos taken July 20th. More next week).

Bishop Athanasius Scheider, an auxiliary of Karaganda, Kazakhstan will be in the US and is spending time at Assumption Grotto this Sunday, July 20th and next - July 27th. You may recall an article discussed in many Catholic blogs some months ago that appeared in L'Osservatore Romano: Historical-Liturgical Notes on the Rite of the Eucharist by Bishop Athanasius Schneider (full length article, translated from the original in Italian, in the L'Osservatore Romano). The article was about Bp Schneider's book, Dominus Est, which was published in Italian by the Vatican’s own publishing house, Libreria Editrice Vaticana

In it, the Bishop carefull lays out the case for a return to reverent reception of the Eucharist. In a previous interview, I had heard him talk about several common objections we might hear about reception of Communion kneeling, and on the tongue. His Excellency has a PhD in Patristics and draws in his knowledge to deal with these objections. We commonly hear about reception in the hand taking place in earlier centuries. But, Bishop Schneider explains just how that was carried out, for example, with hands having to be purified afterwards much like sacred vessels are today. Not everyone could receive in the hands.

Fr. Perrone is out on vacation (andvery aware of this special visit), but I received this from another parish priest at Grotto:

Bishop Athanasius will preach tomorrow (July 20) at the 9:30 AM Holy Mass (TLM) and will celebrate the Noon Holy Mass.

He is scheduled to talk after the Noon Holy Mass next week, July 27. The topic will be his book, Dominus Est. Fr. Perrone said we should schedule the talk at 1:30 to make sure it is as soon after the noon Mass as possible. There will then be a second talk afterward, probably around 3:00 PM on the Bishop’s work and other issues related to the Church in that area of the world.

Thanks be to God that I got this in time. I was planning on going to 6:30am tomorrow, but instead I will be there at the 9:30 and Noon Masses, with camera. I also plan on attending the talks next Sunday.

EDIT JULY 21ST: Photos of Bishop Schneider's visit on July 20th. More next week.

I'll provide whatever coverage I can these next two weeks. I don't know if the talks he has will be in written form where they can be uploaded. Typically, talks of this nature are recorded. If they are made available, I'll make a post on it and link back to this post.


Newman House Press was awarded the contract to translate and publish Dominus Est into english. I asked for the status of the work last week and received an answer from Fr. Stravinskas who is translating with Fr. Gregoris. They are 2/3 complete. Translating is one thing. Getting funds for the initial publication (the most expensive segment of the process), is another. If anyone wants to assist Newman House Press, contact them here.


  • Google Map of Grotto

  • 9:30 Mass is the extraordinary form, according to the 1962 Missal. There are booklets available from the ushers if you do not have a missal. The bishop will preach at this Mass. The choir is off for the season, but there may be a few men singing Gregorian chant.

  • Noon Mass is the Novus Ordo, or ordinary form, typically in the vernacular, with some Latin (some priests will do the Canon in Latin). Following the Noon Mass is Benediction. Weather permitting this takes place outdoors at our Grotto following a procession and brief adoration.

  • Food: All but a few Sunday's out of the year, there is food provided in our gym (hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, donuts, drinks). While this is likely to be available after the 9:30 and Noon Masses, I will have to check for the following week to see if it will be necessary for people to pack a lunch. EDIT 7-21: I will post mid-week whether people should pack a lunch. The family that does weekly BBQ'ing at Grotto will be out of town at their son's wedding, but some volunteers are being rounded up. If that falls through, I'll let you know so you can pack something to eat.

  • Attire: Grotto is not air-conditioned, but please don't use this as a reason to come in shorts or immodest clothing. As the priests have often pointed out, no one could be hotter than they with all the vestments, so offer it up! With regards to modesty: Let me simplify it....For everyone: No shorts or tank tops. Women: Men going to Mass don't want to have to deal with temptations of lust with your cleavage showing or because of clothing that is overly form-fitting, or transparent. While it is nice when we put on our Sunday best, what is most important is that we come with modest attire. This shows the most respect not only for our Lord, but for our neighbor. Mantilla's (chapel veils) are a discpline of the Church, not a requirement.

  • In Church: You will notice something very special about Assumption Grotto if you are visiting the first time: Silence. Regular Grotto-goers don't talk to each other before or after Mass. Rather, they are talking to God and listening to Him. Don't feel offended if you are not greeted with a smile by everyone passing by - they aren't being rude to you, but are working at not being rude to the Lord in His house. If you want to see how sociable and charitable we are with our neighbor, then stop by in the gym one Sunday during our socials for some BBQ.

Please see the section in my sidebar for more events forthcoming at Grotto including our Assumption Day celebration (devout), and the Vatican Exhibit on Eucharistic Miracles which will be with us in August, as well.

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