Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Classic Fr. Perrone during informal talk on "Tridentine"

The St. Anne Sodality hosted a talk on the "Tridentine" offered by Fr. Eduard Perrone, Grotto's pastor. The evening started with the normal evening Mass (Novus Ordo) at 7:00, and the talk at 8:00. It was suppose to be an hour, but lasted until about 10:10pm.

I'm sure Father had somewhat of a roadmap for sequence, but we derailed it with our many questions. He was a good sport about it, and I think he enjoyed talking about the Extraordinary Form as much as we enjoyed hearing him talk about it.

Truly, there is so much content that could be covered, that it could use to be a series, not a single talk. Perhaps we can twist his arm this fall :D

I need to get off to bed, so I can't bring out any specific points, but I did learn some things that were just plain interesting as Father contrasted the Ordinary and Extraordinary forms. However, Father also made it clear that the Novus Ordo is also a legitimate form. However, when comparing things like the Offertory prayers, there is no comparison (and that is me talking, not him!).

Stay tuned. Hopefully, we haven't had the last of this type of class.

The many expressions of Fr. Perrone....

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