Monday, October 1, 2007

Leonardo Defilippis returns as St. Augustine - Schedule set in Detroit area

Grotto has been in overdrive with the production of the musical play, Palla Eius which involves our Pastor, many of the parish youth, and a number of parents. They have been working from 5:30pm until 9:00 most Mondays and Fridays, along with additional practices in between, and on Sundays, for the many soloists. Leonardo would be proud of their efforts and I know he inspired many of these people to get involved through his own advocacy of Catholic drama. It is a most beautiful way to share the faith.

I pray you will all support this work with your attendance and you will discover in it, a real treat. It is based on a story written about the construction of our Grotto and how people sought comfort in Mary's mantel. I've seen these kids develop so quickly under the guidance of Joe Maher (director) and Fr. Perrone (music conductor). There will be two performances with orchestra and one with piano. I'll follow with details.

Right now, I want to tell you about another performance to support. If you are unfamiliar with the Confessions of St. Augustine, go see this play. If you are familiar with the writings, go see this play. There is something in Augustine's work for everyone.

The calendar was so booked at Grotto, that bringing Leonardo Defilippis back for this spectacular performance escaped us. But, I would urge you to see the show at one of these other locations. This is a one-man show you don't want to miss.

THE CONFESSIONS OF SAINT AUGUSTINE, an original one-man dramatization
performed by Leonardo Defilippis, is coming this fall.

Tues. Oct. 2 An Evening with Leonardo at St. Michael's Media, Ferndale
Wed. Oct. 3 at 7 pm St. Thomas the Apostle Parish Hall, Ann Arbor
Thurs. Oct. 4 at 7 pm St. Jude Church, (7 Mile Road, East Side) Detroit
Fri. Oct. 5 at 7 pm Assumption Church, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Sat. Oct. 6 at 7 pm St. Anthony (Kenna Hall), Temperance
Sun. Oct. 7 at 7 pm St. Gerald Church, Farmington
Tue. Oct. 9 at 7 pm Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Hall, Emmett
Wed. Oct. 10 7:30 pm National Shrine of the Little Flower Church, Royal Oak
Thurs. Oct. 11 7:30 pm Crowley Center, St. Augustine Cathedral, Kalamazoo
Fri. Oct. 12 7:30 pm Davidson Middle School Auditorium, Southgate
(sponsored by Downriver Vicariate)

AUGUSTINE is the modern story of a man steeped in a decadent existence,
whose passionate desires aren't satisfied by the things around him.
Leonardo has become well known throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe
for his dramatizations on the lives of the saints, and the gospels (see The program is suitable for ages 12 years and up. Tickets are $8 per person or $25 for a family.

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