Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Franciscan University Releases Statement

The other day I told you about what I felt was disappointing news out of Franciscan University of Steubenville with regards to Summorum Pontificum.

Franciscan University has released a statement and Associate Director of Public Relations, Tom Sofio, emailed it to many bloggers including myself.

Regarding the Traditional Latin Mass and Franciscan University of

As a Catholic university with a long history of faithfulness to the
magisterium of the Catholic Church, Franciscan University of
Steubenville fully supports Pope Benedict XVI’s recent Motu Proprio,
Summorum Pontificum, which expands the use of the Traditional Latin

Franciscan University fully supports the plans for the celebration of
the extraordinary form of the Latin rite Mass at St. Peter Church in
Steubenville. Franciscan University is located within the boundaries of
St. Peter Parish, making it the official parish for the University and
the repository for the records of any sacraments celebrated on the

Summorum Pontificum indicates that it is the parish priest who is to
accede to the requests of those attached to the previous liturgical
tradition. The pastor of St. Peter Parish, Monsignor George Yontz, with
the full support of Steubenville Bishop R. Daniel Conlon, has met with
St. Peter parishioners, including Franciscan University students, and
people from other parishes in the area. He is working with them to
prepare for the proper celebration of Mass in the extraordinary form,
and the University will remain in communication with him throughout
this unfolding process.

The University is pleased that St. Peter’s will be the site for this,
as it is easily accessible to our University members, being just one
mile from campus. The University will provide transportation for
students who need it to and from St. Peter’s Church for the traditional
Latin rite Masses. The first traditional Latin rite Mass will be
celebrated at St. Peter’s on Sunday, November 25, the Feast of Christ
the King. The dates of future Masses will be announced later by the
parish office.

As the oldest Catholic church in the Steubenville diocese, St. Peter’s
has the high altar, communion railing, and other requirements to
celebrate the extraordinary form of the Latin rite, which are not found
in many area churches. It will provide a beautiful and fitting setting
in which interested students can enter more fully into this ancient

Franciscan University will continue to offer its monthly Latin Novus
Ordo Mass. In October, the University expanded the Sunday Mass
offerings from three to four, with Sunday Mass now offered at 8:30
a.m., 10:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m

Two points that I pray FUS will consider:

Hopefully, this will not be a monthly deal like the Latin N.O. Making it generously available would mean weekly. If the problem is a priest shortage, have the FSSP or the ICK been contacted to provide temporary assistance? Are there other priests in the area qualified who would be willing to do the Mass on a rotational basis?

Secondly, while it is nice to have the Mass near campus in a suitable church, having it on campus would make it even more readily available and visible. If FUS thinks it will be difficult to have on campus because there is no Tridentine-ready chapel, perhaps this video will give them ideas. Here, the FSSP shows how to alter an altar quickly (15 minutes - accelerated in video to just over 5 minutes) and cheaply for the TLM. I'm willing to bet that among the 155 who signed the request would be willing to set up an altar like this.

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Anonymous said...

i was wondering if you took pictures of the dinner on the 28th.
at grotto.

Kevin Symonds said...

I am a graduate of Franciscan University. To see my view of this TLM and FUS topic, please visit my blog:


-Kevin Symonds

Diane K said...

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the link.

To All Readers,

Perhaps now that some feedback has bounced around, FUS will continue to look closer at more fully accomodating everyone with regards to Summorum Pontificum.

I am more inclined to take a look back in six months and see whether weekly worship is offered in the Extraordinary Form, and whether some creative thinking and execution takes place to enable it to happen beautifully, right on campus, where it will get broader exposure.

People have a tendency to approach things cautiously that they do not quite understand. It is acknowledged that charismatic style worship is pretty much the polar opposite of the Tridentine in terms of exterior dynamics. However, as I have discovered, the Tridentine in all it's splendor and solemnity, offers us the opportunity to experience interior dynamics in ways I could not comprehend until now.

I personally know of many former self-proclaimed charismatics who have shifted to the more reserved style of worship.

There is no need to hit anyone over the head with it. If this is fueled by the Holy Spirit, the hearts of the humble will turn to follow His lead.

I say, give the University some space and a little time to reflect on the feedback they are seeing in emails and on blogs.

Charity rules.

Kevin Symonds said...

No, I can't say that I did take pictures. Why, what happened?

Diane K said...

The pictures issue was related to an event at Grotto and someone just dropped the quesion in this box because it was the latest post. ;)