Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Disappointing News out of Franciscan University of Steubenville

Almost two years ago, I was accepted conditionally to the Franciscan University's Master of Theology program (distance learning). I say conditionally because I have a BS in Vehicle Design from Central Michigan University - hardly providing the necessary philosophy and basic theology needed to begin a Masters in Theology. I was prepared to take some 6 classes needed to catch up before being fully accepted when I had to set the whole thing aside after my employment became uncertain for a time. Then, lack of time seemed to have set the whole thing aside indefinitely.

I knew FUS had reputation for being a "charismatic" school, but research convinced me that it was a solid theology program. I know many self-proclaimed charismatics who are very orthodox in their theology, are very Marian, and are very devoted to the Eucharist. But, my views on liturgy differ starkly from that of charismatics as I prefer a more reserved approach, versus what is commonly seen at "charismatic Masses".

On the blog of Fr. Z, I've been following a post for which he has provided many updates. It seems that while "charismatic Masses" and even a Novus Ordo in French (for 15 students) is welcome, the Tridentine is not. Word leaked out that a significant group of students and faculty - to the tune of 155 - petitioned the school for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite per Summorum Pontificum and were allegedly denied. You can read Fr. Z's post with comments he posts, received via email on the happenings there.

It is just this kind of persecution that the commission Ecclesia Dei will be sifting through and ruling on, no doubt.

This follows disappointing news back in August at Ave Maria University on the liturgy front.

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Fr. John Zuhlsdorf o{]:¬) said...

Kindly read the updates to my original entry. A much fuller picture of the situation is developing.


Diane K said...

Hi Father,

Went to read those updates, but only found cyrillic.

Will check back later and make any corrections/updates accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Hope that all will pray for unity in the Church, and practice holy prudence, charity, and patience while this situation is worked out.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend,
I am a student at Franciscan and I love the Tridentine Mass. Actually St. Peters Church in downtown Steubenville, which alot of students and faculty go, is going to have the Tridentine Mass starting on November 24 as I recall. I think criticism of Franciscan is unnecessary because the school is so strong in the Catholic faith. I go to the 6am morning Mass which is a beautiful and not charismatic Novus Ordo Mass; the church is packed with young people. Also, students have 24 hour adoration on campus and also at 6am in the morning on Saturday students travel after Mass to pray in front of the abortion clinic in Pittsburgh. There is so much more I could say about the beauty of this school. To take one aspect of the school is as Fox would say "not fair and balanced".

Also, it saddens me that a school that helps so many young people grow in the faith authentically and faithful to Christ and His Church is criticized because of not allowing the Tridentine liturgy. We must remember "Caritas" especially those who are in the fight for Christ and His Church.