Friday, May 25, 2007

85 year young priest launches Catholic blog

Welcome to the blogosphere Father John Malloy, SDB - Pastor of Sts Peter and Paul Parish in San Francisco.

He started with a bang too. Some would call him outspoken, while the rest of us would say he's acting on grace to proclaim the gospel and the truth.

His blog is called, A Shepherd's Voice - You can't be Catholic and Pro-Choice on Abortion

EDIT 5/28/2007: An interesting sidenote....Ed Peters, JD, JCD, has something to say about the slogan being used by many pro-lifers that you can't be Catholic and Pro-Choice on Abortion, and he's right. Once a Catholic, always a Catholic. The mark put on someone at baptism doesn't disappear when he or she falls from grace or is in a persistent state of mortal sin. The mark is not something that just goes away by choice (no pun intended). Perhaps it is more fitting to say that Being Pro-Choice on Abortion is un-Catholic.

I'll be adding him to my section on blogging priests and religious

Deo Gratias!