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Archbishop Chaput encourages people to write to Notre Dame president over Obama commencement invitation

EDIT MARCH 24, 2009 AT 10:25PM:

Thanks to the Catholic News Agency, I am correcting this post to clarify what I have posted below for the benefit of those reaching this through other bloggers.

I got the information second-hand. In fact, it could be classified as "third-hand" for that matter. I am going to refer to you the account provided by the Catholic News Agency which obtained it's info from a recording at the event. Let this account of Archbishop Chaput's words, and the context in which it was said, stand.

CNA was able to acquire an audio recording of the event in question and found that rather than calling for a letter writing campaign, the archbishop suggested it as a response to the situation.

Responding to a question about how “faithful Catholics should respond to [general] situations like [Notre Dame’s invitation to Obama], Chaput suggested, “Protest, write letters, express your concern, do it charitably.” He further reminded the audience that “Jesus said we need to be like sheep among wolves” and to “act like Christians when we disagree: to be bold, courageous, and clear, but charitable.”

Folks, hang on.....this is going to be one interesting ride.

Notre Dame, which has historically invited US Presidents to give commencement speeches and to give them honorary degrees, has done so with President Obama. Apparently, that invitation was accepted. I blogged on this yesterday and provided some links.

I was alerted to Tom Peter's post on Twitter, that Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, who was in Detroit today for a seminar on St. Paul at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, encouraged people to write to Notre Dame President, John Jenkins, SJ. Tom writes:

I just heard that Archbishop Chaput, who is at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in
for their St. Paul conference, has encouraged people to write charitably to the President of ND to protest the Obama invite.

Tom has a lot more background in this post made yesterday. The combox there is quite active, as well with 104 comments as of this posting.

There are a few ways to reach the President of Notre Dame - see this page.

I would go a step further. I think letters should also go to Bishop John D'Arcy of Fort Wayne - South Bend, Indiana, and to the Papal Nuncio, Pietro Sambi.

Bishop John M. D'Arcy
Fort Wayne Chancery

1103 S. Calhoun Street
P.O. Box 390
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46801
(260) 422-4611

Nunciature to United States of America
Pietro Sambi, Apostolic Nuncio
Mailing Address: 3339 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W,

Washington, DC, USA
Telephone: (202) 333-7121
Fax: 337-4036

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