Friday, March 20, 2009

Outrageous: Notre Dame University to honor President Obama

Ok - so a university has President Obama in the queue for the commencement speech.

There is only one problem: It is Notre Dame - a Catholic institution and Obama has gone out of his way to advance a culture of death agenda which is contrary to the Mission of the Church. Just having this President at any official function at a Catholic institution is completely scandalous (meaning, it leads others into error).

See the scoop at LSN: Catholic Notre Dame University to Give Obama Honorary Degree on May 17, Against USCCB Policy

You can make your voice heard on this matter. Find out more at Also worth reading is the combox in this post at Fr. Z's blog. EDIT 21-Mr-09: Tom Peters has good coverage as well at American Papist.

We can only hope that Bishop D'Arcy follows Bishop Martino's lead in handling a similar problem at Misericordia, which is ongoing, starting with a statement of "absolute disapproval". It doesn't matter if he is the President of the United States or not.

If you still don't see the problem, this may help you. This is just a sampling. It's like he is going out of his way to select pro-abortion Catholics and other Catholics who have advanced things contrary to Catholic teaching.

Queen of Apostles, hear the voice of your faithful children and intercede for us!

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