Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Has Met with Abp Niederauer - Feb 8th

Pelosi has been schooled by the Pope today.

Prior to the presidential election, when Ms. Pelosi perverted Church teaching on Meet the Press in an effort to get votes for Obama, she was publicly corrected by a good many bishops, including her own. In his lengthy column on the matter, Archbishop Niederauer invited Ms. Pelosi to a private schooling meeting on September 5, 2008. Until today, it was thought that she had never made time for the meeting and many wondered how she had time to meet with the Pope.

Thanks to Real Catholic TV, we have learned today that a meeting did take place, on February 8th, quietly in a third-party home, according to Michael Voris of RCTV. He verified it with the Archdiocese of San Francisco and Pelosi's spokesperson. Michael Voris has released a new episode of The Vortex with this breaking news. See video here (had to remove the embed due to errors)

Archbishop Niederauer is currently on retreat. Please pray for him. He needs a dose of holy boldness here, for the good of Ms. Pelosi, and for the good of the faithful she has been permitted to scandalize.

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