Friday, February 22, 2008

Self-esteem: has it become it's own distorted religion?

There is an excellent article by Msgr. Cormac Burke in this month's issue of Homiletic and Pastoral Review - one of the few periodicals to which I subscribe. It is among the most dignified and well written periodicals, originally aimed at priests, but read widely by the laity. It's solidly Catholic and is published now by Ignatius Press.

Each month, on the HPR website, one key article is given to the world. The rest require that you obtain a print copy, but the topics are listed. Those online articles are kept in the sidebar on the left so you can peruse them any time. There are some real interesting articles there.

I highly recommend reading this month's online article called Self-esteem: Why? Why not?

EDIT March 15, 2008: Msgr. Cormac Burke has a website which may be of interest, as well. I will be profiling this some time in the coming week or so.

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