Saturday, September 21, 2013

Walmart targets Catholics and toddlers in "naughty" merchandise

This is going around on Facebook and on the web.   I am presuming the information by "The Consumerist" is correct.

Every Halloween, we’re at the forefront of showing you who the Costume Industry Gods have decided needs to be “sexy” this year. Little girls as sexy pirate wenches? Dogs as sexy Catholic schoolgirls? This year, Walmart helps you to start your toddler daughter off early with the “Naughty Leopard” costume.

So, for the Walmart social media data miners, feel free to send me an official company response.

As for the toddler's "Naughty Leopard" Halloween costume, they are participating in titillating pedophiles. 

More Walmart Naughty Merchandise

While I'm at it, I often object to the use of "Holiday" in place of Christmas.  But if you, Walmart, are going to market ornaments with sexual innuendo, please do not call them Christmas ornaments.  Better yet, leave them for the sleazy porn sites to sell.  Why is Walmart marketing this crap?

Good Lord! Look at all the "Naughty" crap being sold at Walmart!  I thought this was a family store? Are you kidding me?  What next, sex toys?

They've even got a "Naughty Nun" costume.  This is a serious offense to Catholics!

Do you think there wouldn't be a public outcry if Walmart was peddling "Naughty Rabbi" or "Naughty  Imam" or "Naughty Minister" or fill in the blank. Really.

Shopping Elsewhere

I've lost my taste to go in to Walmart for anything any time soon.  I'd rather pay a higher price and go to a small country store than to support a general merchant selling this offensive stuff.

Is there no decency left anywhere?

Who is running things there, a high school sophomore?

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Diane Korzeniewski, OCDS said...

Link was added for "Naughty Nun" costume.

I also added this text in trying to find a way to help others understand how the "Naughty Nun" costume is offensive to Catholics. I added:

"Do you think there wouldn't be a public outcry if Walmart was peddling "Naughty Rabbi" or "Naughty Imam" or "Naughty Minister" or fill in the blank. Really."

Diane Korzeniewski, OCDS said...

Title changed.

Diane Korzeniewski, OCDS said...

I couldn't help myself after thinking about the offensive toddler costume and I added the following text to my post:

"As for the toddler's "Naughty Leopard" Halloween costume, they are participating in titillating pedophiles."

Ladytats said...

I whole heartedly agree, I do not shop at wmart unless I have too. I buy my groceries at the local employee owned store in town, yes, I pay more, but I feel I get better value for my money.
on occasion there is no other solution but to shop there, unless I want to drive an hour away. Then I will shop at wmart

Anonymous said...

Or good folks can put together some Halloween costumes by hand as a household or with other families too. I'm sure there is enough creativity in the Catholic community to come up with some really great ideas for the Holy Eve celebration.

Red Cardigan said...

Diane, this has been going on for a while. This post of mine from 2010 shows a picture my husband took of the "Playful Nun" costume Walmart was selling that year.

So now we've gone from "Playful Nun" to "Naughty Nun?" What's next, "Dominatrix Nun?" How far will they go before Catholics get mad about this stuff?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. No shopping at WalMart because everything seems to be cheaply made lacking quality and to be from China. Groceries are purchased at Publix - clean, well-lit, friendly and reputable for decades. Gifts purchased from non-profits found on the Internet such as monasteries, convents, museums and etsy.
By the way, for quite some time I;ve enjoyed your blog as well as your comments on other blogs. Blessings!

Huh? said...

The costume doesn't appear to be anything related to a leopard, nor does it appear to be naught, or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Did you notice the product description: "this would be a great Halloween costume complement to a priest costume"
Thank you for your blog post!

Red Cardigan said...

Oops! I meant to include the link to the post with the picture of the "playful nun." It was here:

Howard said...

No, it's not really the fact that there is no "naughty imam" or "naughty rabbi" that makes the "naughty nun" offensive. It's easy to appeal to the disparity of treatment, but this would be just as offensive if the "naughty imam", "naughty rabbi", and even a "naughty atheist" costume were next to it.

It's not really easy to convey why this is so to contemporary American society. In some eras, we respected the president because he was president and the armed forces because they were in our uniform, but that's not really true today. Something of the idea comes across if we say it would be like selling a "sexy New York firefighter" costume on the Halloween after 9/11 or a "naughty Captian Sullenberger" right after he landed the plane on the Hudson, because there was a degree of respect that would have made most people understand such things would have been out of line. Unfortunately, it is still a kind of utilitarian respect; a respect of deeds, not of persons.

A utilitarian, egalitarian society lacks the categories to understand the fundamental objection.

Diane Korzeniewski, OCDS said...

Howard, I won't disagree with you at all on the point that there should be no "naughty" anything. I just think that had there been a "naughty imam" or "naughty rabbi" there would have been a serious outcry, and righteously so. The problem is that because the "naughty nun" is a slam against Catholics, it doesn't get the outcry. This is why Catholicism can be blasted in the mainstream without objection or the Holy Eucharist can be referred to as a "cracker" on late night television. There is a double standard, and the solution isn't to go deeper into the gutter by bringing other religions into it (I was never suggesting that), but to not denigrate one for fun.

Anonymous said...

Doug on Disqus said:
So, how important a holiday is it for Catholics? When is "St. Halloween's" birth date? Death date? Ordination date? Is it one of your Holy Days of Obligation?
I tried to find out on newadvent's encyclopedia, but it says the feast date is the next one—November 1st; Halloween is its vigil. And, when I searched the site, a simultaneous hit was "CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Witchcraft". Nothing good there. If witches are so strongly associated with it (more so than nuns, I believe) then why not learn from 2 Cor 6:14 and Eph 5:11, and just abstain?

Anonymous said...

In response to the 'naughty nun' costume, if you love your sister, ones who are laity or a religious, and want to protect their dignity, I hope you will write to Walmart to have this product removed from its shelves because of how disrespectful this is to the Catholic community and the great contribution they make to society.

U.S. Catholic said...

Wal-Mart has pharmacies so I presume they sell birth control including the abortifacient "pill." Shouldn't we also be NOT SHOPPING THERE for that reason alone ? I realize it is difficult to find a Catholic-friendly drugstore, but maybe if there were more demand for such places more of them would exist.

Dismas said...

Hey Diane,

I'm sure you may have seen this, but I immediately thought of you. Rejoice:

I only hope it includes yanking the whole naughty line.

Diane Korzeniewski, OCDS said...


Diane Korzeniewski, OCDS said...

To US Catholic:

Friend, there isn't a pharmacy or store within 50 miles of my home that doesn't sell that stuff.

Ladytats said...

There is a pharmacy in Bismarck ND, that does mail order, and they do not sell anything that would be contrary to Catholic teaching. They have gotten rid of condoms, magazines, etc.
It is the Mayo Pharmacy. They advertise on the North Dakota Real Presence Catholic Radio network, which is how I know about them, as I do not live there either.