Saturday, September 21, 2013

Walmart targets Catholics and toddlers in "naughty" merchandise

This is going around on Facebook and on the web.   I am presuming the information by "The Consumerist" is correct.

Every Halloween, we’re at the forefront of showing you who the Costume Industry Gods have decided needs to be “sexy” this year. Little girls as sexy pirate wenches? Dogs as sexy Catholic schoolgirls? This year, Walmart helps you to start your toddler daughter off early with the “Naughty Leopard” costume.

So, for the Walmart social media data miners, feel free to send me an official company response.

As for the toddler's "Naughty Leopard" Halloween costume, they are participating in titillating pedophiles. 

More Walmart Naughty Merchandise

While I'm at it, I often object to the use of "Holiday" in place of Christmas.  But if you, Walmart, are going to market ornaments with sexual innuendo, please do not call them Christmas ornaments.  Better yet, leave them for the sleazy porn sites to sell.  Why is Walmart marketing this crap?

Good Lord! Look at all the "Naughty" crap being sold at Walmart!  I thought this was a family store? Are you kidding me?  What next, sex toys?

They've even got a "Naughty Nun" costume.  This is a serious offense to Catholics!

Do you think there wouldn't be a public outcry if Walmart was peddling "Naughty Rabbi" or "Naughty  Imam" or "Naughty Minister" or fill in the blank. Really.

Shopping Elsewhere

I've lost my taste to go in to Walmart for anything any time soon.  I'd rather pay a higher price and go to a small country store than to support a general merchant selling this offensive stuff.

Is there no decency left anywhere?

Who is running things there, a high school sophomore?

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