Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some random reads and links on the recent Pope Francis interview

Read the original interview in it's entirety

One thing about Pope Francis: He has people talking, including people who don't typically talk about the pope.  As one of our priests said during his homily this weekend, "The good news is that the media is talking about Pope Francis; the bad news is the media is talking about Pope Francis."  That, of course, had to do with the distortions.  I wasn't there for that Mass, but talking to the priest, I got the same impression I had already formed myself: If you leave your thoughts on what Pope Francis said based on what you see in the press you are doing yourself a disservice. So read it and don't talk about it until you do (see the American or British version).

Don't worry about where it is published, it was done collaboratively with Jesuit houses in various countries and the English translations were worked on by about a half dozen people.  It was approved.  So, just focus on the words.

The interview gets wonky at times, and uses big words that people without some background in theology might not understand, especially when talking about the Jesuit order.  Just keep going and don't be afraid to use the dictionary.  

Some Commentaries

Father Z has several posts on the recent interview published with Pope Francis.  In fact, he has created a label for it so if you click here and scroll, you will find all of them.  I want to focus on a PODCAzT he did on September 22.  It's about 45 minutes, so visit his post when you can and just hit the play button.  He has several things packed into one podcast, but they all roll together.  At one point he reads in Latin, but it is brief.  The homily he adds in after that, is well worth the listen.  But listen first to his discussion on the Donatists, and his reading from St. Augustine.

Father Z had a few more items that are related to that interview that are not in the interview label.

Phil Lawler offers some good insight in: The Key to Understanding Pope Francis: The 99 Lost Sheep

R.R. Reno at First things discusses the interview in, Francis, our Jesuit Pope.

Now, in the Philippines, it looks like they have a different kind of media problem.  Go see the Monk Hobbit's post:  How Philippine media distorts Pope Francis's words on contraception, abortion, and homosexual marriage

Michael Coren writes about Pope Francis' Revolutionary Vision in the New York Daily News

Elizabeth Scalia talks about how Pope Francis confounds the Associated Press

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