Monday, September 23, 2013

Pope Francis Excommunicates Melbourne Priest

Cardinal Pell recently said Pope Francis' popularity with the press was, "too good to last."  That may come sooner than we all thought.  This may send shock waves through the secular media and the dissenting wing of the Church who still don't understand Pope Francis, or that mercy and charity often involve discipline.

Pope Francis just excommunicated a priest in Melbourne.  Veil-tip to Andrew Rabel.

From The Age in Australia: (Edit - this is quoted text and I'm sure part of it is in error, in particular, when it suggests he was as disciplined for support for 'gays.'" One doesn't get disciplined for supporting people with SSA but that support does not include affirming people in engaging in any sexual activity outside the context of Sacramental Marriage. Google the Courage Apostolate to see how the Catholic Church supports people with SSA. I hope we will see a statement out of the Archdiocese of Melbourne, which I will share)

Dissident priest Greg Reynolds has been both defrocked and excommunicated over his support for women priests and gays - the first person ever excommunicated in Melbourne, he believes. 

The order comes direct from the Vatican, not at the request of Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart, and apparently follows a secret denunciation in the best traditions of the inquisition, according to Father Reynolds. 

The excommunication document - written in Latin and giving no reason - was dated May 31, meaning it comes under the authority of Pope Francis who made headlines on Thursday calling for a less rule-obsessed church. 

Father Reynolds, who resigned as a parish priest in 2011 and last year founded Inclusive Catholics, said he had expected to be laicised (defrocked), but not excommunicated. But it would make no difference to his ministry.

Read more:

One of the purposes of excommunication is medicinal. It's a way for the Church to say that someone has strayed too  far and is endangering their souls and the souls of others.  Some do reconcile with the Church after the sting of excommunication, when they humble themselves.

The Church does not have the authority to change Scripture or Tradition.  What he is pushing is out of harmony with both.

Don't just gawk at this situation, pray for him.

May the Blessed Virgin Mary and the guardian angel of Mr. Reynolds, enlighten his mind and soften his heart so that he will reconcile with the Catholic Church.

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Supertradmum said...

Are we allowed to send the Pope a list? God bless Pope Francis.

Anonymous said...

One can only hope - there is a giant list of US politicians that need to be put in the mail, first class.


Anonymous said...

"Don't just gawk at this situation, pray for him." Amen and amen.


Allan Wafkowski said...

Pray for whom,the pope or the heretic? If it's for the heretic, the church hasn't done that with any resolve since Vatican II.

Anthony S. Layne said...

"Don't just gawk at this situation, pray for him." For that line, you need a picture of Michael Palin as the sergeant major from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life: "Don't stand there gawpin' as if yer'd never seen the 'And of God before!"

Pray for him, indeed. And hope no more are needed to get the message across.

cpttom said...

Just when the press is trying to paint Pope Francis as a progressive hippie, the Holy Father proves again he is indeed, the Pope, and Catholic.

I will pray for the excommunicated, but, I think this is not the last one we will see. There are unfortunately many who are not just in dissent, but out right rebellion against Holy Mother Church

rebuildmychurch said...

Courage is alive and well in Melbourne!

Anonymous said...

Pray also for the Archbishop of Melbourne, who is bound to suffer in the crossfire.

Julia Thomas said...

Oh please Holy Father, look to the horrible examples in our Congress.

Tantem Ergo said...

Amen to the invitation to pray for this lost man.

stoney said...

Who are we to judge?

kanneenah said...

re stoney ; look up Matthew 18:17

Deb Thurston said...

"Archbishop Hart said Father Reynolds was excommunicated because after his priestly faculties were withdrawn he continued to celebrate the Eucharist publicly and preach contrary to the teachings of the church."

Sounds clear to me.

Anonymous said...

The fact that this guy said that defrocking and excommunication will make no difference to his ministry speaks volumes about the gravity of his sin. He is a reprobate. Poor man. I hope he comes to his senses and refinds the faith.
Signed, RC Cola

Anonymous said...

Also pray for those affected . They have been misled . I hope grace may cover them like the dew fall .
" pax Domini sit semper vobiscum "