Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Catholic Virtual Wars - 07: A powerful witness to potential damages of stridency

I was deeply moved by a blogpost last week written by Leticia Adams which underscores that certain aspects of a "style" can harm a given cause.  Stridency, harshness, insolence - it all tends not to be productive; it's more like kicking a hornets nest then wondering why everyone is buzzing about.   Sometimes, it corrodes relationships the way rust corrodes metal.

Leticia's post took a lot of courage to write. She could have looked inward and left her learning there, but she doubled down and shared her experience.   Like any classic read, she shows where she was,  where she shifted, and why.

In the end, we see that life as a Catholic is truly a journey through life. Sometimes we move big boulders out of our path, as well as stones. Often, it's a matter of just getting the gravel and sand swept up.  That's what learning about virtues does - it helps us to clean up the walk is easier.  And, when you get the little things, it helps with the big.

I would not want to reduce her excellent post down to a brief quote. Go read: Getting on my own nerves at the blog, Catholic Stand.

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