Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stupid MSM interview about Bishop Martino vs. Misericordia University

EDIT: Title correction (MSM was MSNBC - it appears to be originating from a mainstream CBS affiliate and MSNBC carried the story and a link to the video at the bottom).

I don't rant often, but this one got under my skin because it was utterly ridiculous.

Ask yourself this as you read my post and watch the video:

Should the mainstream media ask a panel of vegetarians to come in and comment on the best ways to cook different cuts of beef?

That is precisely what the secular media is doing in this video and in others I've seen on Catholic matters.

If you have been following my posts on all that is going on in Scranton, perhaps you might find it fitting to send His Excellency a Mass card. He needs the graces and would probably find such support comforting.

I suspect Bishop Martino does not concern himself with what the media thinks. It's a good thing because it doesn't make sense to cater to folks who not only do not understand the Catholic faith, but want to attack it. For 2000 years the Catholic Church has stood the test of time and has been clear and consistent. She has not given in to every wind of doctrine, nor has she changed with the times. Why? Because, "Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday, and forever" and the Church will not yield to all sorts of strange teachings promoted by the world.

There are many ways to distort news in order to sway public opinion. One of those ways is to have a forum with guests who all have the same mindset. Get it?

Watch this hack job of an interview about the corrections the Scranton bishop is trying to make at Misericordia University - a Catholic institution in his diocese. It is an unfortunately common occurrence in Catholic colleges that goes unchallenged in many dioceses - having speakers who promote that which is contrary to our faith under the guise of diversity. For the discussion they obviously sought out people who would be against the Catholic Church and Bishop Martino. Is it any wonder why he won't grant interviews?

Let's see....they had on an Episcopalian minister and the PSU Chancellor. They are qualified to speak with authority on internal Catholic matters how? What a joke! This is tabloid journalism at it's best.

Before we get to the video clip let me highlight a key point made by Bishop Martino in his press release that the secular press is either diluting or ignoring. You certainly don't hear them having reasonable dialogue on these points.

As Catholics, we must distinguish between authentic tolerance and an “anything goes” mindset. For example, would the Diversity Institute be justified in hosting a speaker who believes the Holocaust is a myth? Or one who believes slavery is okay because certain people are inferior? Or one who believes women can be exploited because they are the “weaker sex”? There are people out there who actually believe this nonsense, and they would be perfectly willing to come to the campus to tell you why.

Their views are certainly “diverse,” but does that qualify them to be given a platform in the name of tolerance? Or should they be allowed to make a presentation without any retort from the Catholic perspective?

Now, the video - if you can hold in your last meal through it....

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