Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bishop Martino of Scranton and the Media

Above is an interesting video to watch from a local news station there in Scranton, PA. Note the slant making it look like Bishop Martino is "attacking". At the end, the reporter indicates that Bishop Martino did not return their calls or declined to be interviewed.

Bishop Martino does not grant many interviews, even with reputable Catholic media sources. He did grant one to Raymond Arroyo of EWTN during the Bishops conference in November, but that's the last that I recall. He seems to communicate exclusively through press releases.

I think this is actually prudent given the secular media's propensity for selectively picking out a good sounbite in such a way as to throw something out of context. Think about it.....by just making statements through his website in the form of press releases, it is there for all to see. However, if he grants an interview to a loyal Catholic media outlet, the secular press will pick and choose from that as well. No matter how you slice it, by just offering press releases while he is in the midst of a very tough series of battles in Scranton, it's that much more difficult to distort his words.

I also think there is reluctance to speak about an individual on the receiving end of ecclesiastical discipline as it is ongoing. This goes to the dignity of the person even if you don't think he is entitled to it.

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