Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday, 2009

Today is Ash Wednesday, a day of fasting and abstinence for Catholics. Assumption Grotto's 7:00pm Mass will feature the choir, which normally rehearses on Wednesday night. As is typical in penitential seasons though, any and all music will be greatly subdued, with less organ.
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wondering said...

I thought during Lent we were to have no organ or other music at all, especially in the extraordinary form.

Diane M. Korzeniewski said...

We had simple chant, and perhaps two short lenten sacred polyphony pieces. While Father likes to do the polyphony without organ, the choir needs some guidance, so it is considerably subdued. Basically, only the amount needed is used.

There is no organ playing at other times when we would normally here a little music in the background.

Of my favorites, is hearing "Parce, Domine...", chanted.