Sunday, February 1, 2009

Abp Vigneron's Installation Mass Video and Holy Communion

This video on YouTube of Archbishop Allen Vigneron's installation reveals something quite interesting. Several young men choose to kneel for Holy Communion and the Archbishop does not attempt to stop them. Those who know what the Church has said about kneeling for Holy Communion should not be surprised because it is not prohibited (see Rule's 2 and 3 in Archbishop's 10 Rules).

Also, see my post series done on this which goes into the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, revisions, and letters from the Holy See which clarify that one may not be forced to receive standing, nor may they be looked upon as disobedient for kneeling to receive (even though the norm in the diocese of the US is standing). The series links are below and I am reminded that I had at least another post or two to wrap it up. But, there is plenty there now.

First, the video....

In it, you will see the new Archbishop give Holy Communion to his mother, and then his uncle - both in wheel chairs. Local Catholic television coverage had the gentleman mislabeled as one if his parents, but in speaking to the man afterwards as he waited for his ride to pull up, he explained that he was Abp Vigneron's uncle. His Father was sitting in a pew behind his mother. I have a photo of him, but have not processed it.

EDIT: You may want to go to the YouTube page for this video and click on the text "Watch in High Quality", just below the video on the right. The embed code is strictly for the low quality version (which they call normal).

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