Friday, December 12, 2008

Notes and headlines...

Today is the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the protectress of the unborn

Things have been very hectic for me the last two weeks and I've not had time to post much. For now, I'll point you to some interesting posts. Around the Catholic blogosphere:

I'll leave you with a word from St. Augustine (hat-tip Fr. Z)

Augustine: from a Christmas sermon - on the harmony between Matthew and Luke on the Lord’s genealogy:
And so, whatever else there is to be said regarding these hidden treasures among God’s mysteries, this is for others who are more diligent and more worthy than we, to bring out. At all events, we have spoken on this subject to the best of our ability, as the Lord assisted us and inspired us, and as the limitations of time permitted us. If there be anyone among you who has a profounder grasp of this, let him knock at the door of Him from whom we, too, receive what we are able to grasp, what we are able to say. But this do keep in mind before all else – you must not lose your composure over matters in Sacred Scripture which you do not yet understand; and when you do understand them, you must not feel conceit. What you do not understand, threat with reverence and be patient; and what you do understand cherish and keep. (s. 51.35)

A closeup of the stained-glass window figure of St. Augustine at Assumption Grotto

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