Monday, October 13, 2008

Election Day Adoration Vigil - Monday Nov 3 evening into Nov 4 morning

Great news!

Many parishioners have been talking about the desire to have an all-night Eucharistic Adoration vigil into Election Day morning.

Fr. Perrone granted us permission to hold it in the parish church, following the 7:00pm Monday evening Mass and ending just before the 6:30am Traditional Latin Mass on Tuesday- Election Day morning.

We requested security and it was granted, as well. Given that some have said they would spend the entire night in Church, or several hours during the night, our Pastor has further granted that we may have coffee, donuts and other refreshments in the vestibule at the back of the Church.

Also, it is a good time to suggest to others from around the US to also petition their parishes to do the same.

With so much at stake during this election, I would ask our brothers and sisters abroad, in other countries to pray for us here in the US. Pray a Rosary, do a Holy Hour and other prayers with intentions for a good outcome to the election here in the US.

Many people are fasting and making other sacrifices, treating this period like Lent.

Spread the word and join us if you are local to metro Detroit. I will be having updates on this with more details so please stay tuned.

Upcoming informational posts:

  • A post is forthcoming about the Worldwide Rosary for the Unborn at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral, this coming Saturday (I believe it begins at 1:30 in the afternoon).

  • Fr. Basil Nortz, ORC will be holding a talk on the Eucharist in a Day of Recollection at Assumption Grotto this coming Sunday following the Noon Mass.

I have several photo posts up from yesterday:

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