Sunday, October 12, 2008

2008 Fall Benefit Dinner at Assumption Grotto

Assumption Grotto held it's annual fall Benefit Dinner. It is the main parish fundraiser, which features dinner, silent auctions and raffles, as well as time spent with fellow parishioners.

During all Masses this weekend, Fr. Perrone spoke about the financial situation of the parish and initiated an appeal. He said the parish is not in a crisis, but that asking for additional funds right now can help us to avoid one. He acknowledged the financial crisis we are all feeling right now and pointed out how the parishes are also feeling the pinch. It's only the second time in 14 years that our pastor has made such an appeal. He appealed not only to parishioners, but to those who visit and benefit from Grotto's orthodoxy and liturgy, rarely found these days. One part of his message was characteristically powerful: A reminder that the present Church building, was built during the Great Depression with people making great sacrifices to give us what we have today.

I'm going to have more on this as I have asked our pastor for a copy of his words so that I may post them. It was a very moving talk in many ways. We are also exploring the idea of putting up a "Donate" button here on this blog and on the main Grotto website so that others who want to support Assumption Grotto can do so. I truly believe that the benefits of having an Assumption Grotto extends far beyond our own property to those who read homilies we post, enjoy witnessing the liturgical and devotional beauty of the parish, and more.

I would like to add that if anyone out there would like to advertise their online website, please contact me and I will get the details and email them back. Right now, the bulletin is running about $6000/yr and we are only getting just over half of that in advertising revenue. There are many blank spaces. If you have a business in metro Detroit, consider that Assumption Grotto is a commuter parish, with parishioners scattered all over Southeast Michigan. If you have an online business, then it doesn't much matter where you are. Consider it and contact me at

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