Monday, February 11, 2008

Pope's Lenten Message to Priests: Spend more time in silence

We could all use a little more of this....

CWNews covers a talk to Roman Priests by the Holy Father: Pope speaks with Roman priests on Lent, evangelization, judgment

Rome, Feb. 8, 2008 ( - Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) said that Christians, and particularly priests, should create "a silent space for ourselves, without images," during the season of Lent, in order to provide more space for God.

The Holy Father met on February 7 with priests of the Rome diocese, and-- following what has become his pattern in such meetings-- answered a number of questions form the group. In answer to a question about Lenten practices, the Pope said that it is useful to guard against the "bombardment of images" in modern society by consciously pursuing a meditative silence.
That having been said, there are many things for us to consider, such as shutting off the TV and radio for starters. Or, if you don't watch Catholic television, or listen to Catholic radio, now is a good time to let go of the worldly in favor of the spiritual. Here are some options that you can listen to right on your computer:

EWTN Radio
Ave Maria Radio (local Detroit AM 990)
Michigan Catholic Radio (local Detroit AM 1090)
Relevant Radio
Domestic Church Media
My Catholic Podcast list
Semper Fi Catholic Radio

I have not elected to give up the internet for lent, but will slow posting to encourage myself, and my readers, to do more spiritual reading, prayer and adoration. I will continue to post on happenings at Assumption Grotto and focus on lent.

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