Friday, January 25, 2008

Quote of the Day: Fr. Euteneuer on Majerus and he scores a 3-pointer

Nothin' but net is how I'd classify this quote.

Matt Abbot requested a statement out of Fr. Tom Euteneuer of Human Life International and got a classic response on Coach Rick Majerus who is attempting to play one-on-one with Archbishop Raymond L. Burke.

Father Euteneuer had this to say about the matter:"Rick Majerus is more of a basket case than a basketball coach. His sicknesses all fit so neatly together: He has a modern anti-Catholic 'Jesuit' education; he embraces superficial, undigested rhetoric about the issues; he is a jock pretending to be a scientist; and he exhibits a defiant disobedience to religious authority. Dante would have a field day — no pun intended — putting this guy in the pit of hell. He should be excommunicated along with all the Jesuits who 'educated' him."

Source article at Renew America

It's interesting how stats on many blogs have gone up over this topic between an archbishop and a member of the flock. I've often wondered what drives us to have such a deep interest in these things. Personally, I think it has much to do with people being shocked, some pleasantly, and some indignant, that an archbishop is actually standing up for the Church's teaching.

However, we have to check our interior attitudes. There's no greater time to turn to prayer than now, and for cases just like this.

I'm going to suggest that we all spend some time in adoration for the conversion of Rick Majerus and those who taught him. We also need to pray for Abp Burke, who is no doubt suffering because one of his lamb's is resisting the shepherd's attempts to free him from the thickets.

There are some things, for which debates simply won't do any good. It's at these times we need to go off into prayer, make acts of reparation, and express faith, and have hope, that in God, all things are possible.

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