Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Abp Burke with another lesson on life

A basketball coach at the Catholic, St. Louis University is in a little trouble today over a public, on-air admission that he is pro-choice.

St. Louis is the home of Archbishop Raymond L. Burke, who is not the least bit ambiguous when it comes to teaching moments and Coach Rick Majerus opened the door. From St. Louis Today:

While Hillary Clinton was courting votes, Rick Majerus was courting trouble.

First, he said he was "not going to go there."

Then, he did.

The Catholic basketball coach for the Catholic St. Louis University looked into the TV camera at the Clinton rally last weekend and said, "I'm pro-choice, personally."

That's when the Roman Catholic coach ran smack into the Roman Catholic archbishop.

Go read more on Burke and Majerus at St. Louis Today online.

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