Friday, January 25, 2008

Canon Law Update: Outspoken pro-abort coach stands up to his bishop?!?!?

As I try to get into a more normal schedule again with everything, including blogging, I was glad to receive an email from Canon lawyer, Ed Peters, who teaches at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. He sends out regular updates to fellow Catholic bloggers and one of his topics today is an update from a story I mentioned the other day concerning Catholic St. Louis University basketball coach, Rick Majerus. Ed is a graduate of SLU, class of '79.

Coach Majerus may rule his own basketball court, but he's now playing a game he can't win. Here is the lead-in from Ed Peters. Do read the entire article. I have a feeling we have not heard the last word on this:

Does Coach Majerus really think he can out play Abp Burke?
I'm not making this up.

Jesuit-run St. Louis University's basketball coach Rick Majerus (yes, a basketball coach) is telling St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke (yes, the canonist archbishop), to mind his own business regarding Majerus' outspoken support for (get ready for it) abortion and experimentation on embryonic humans! If it weren't that expressing support for such deeply offensive conduct is so deadly serious, I'd be laughing.

Continue reading the rest of the commentary on Majerius at the Canon Law blog of Ed Peters.

You can read many more Canon Law commentaries by periodically dropping in to his blog, In Light of the Law.

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