Friday, October 26, 2007

Sandro Magister on Cdl Giacomo Biffi's book and on 100th Anniversary of Encyclical Against Modernists

Vatican Insider Sandro Magister has two new articles up on his blog worth directing you to (then again, when does Sandro Magister write anything not worth reading!?!).

You'll have to catch these full length articles at his blog, but here are the introductions.

Before the Last Conclave: "What I Told the Future Pope"

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi commits his memoirs to a book. And here's a preview: the speech he gave in the closed-door meeting with the cardinals. And also, his critical views on John XXIII, on the Council, and on the "mea culpas" of John Paul II

by Sandro Magister

The article goes on to excerpt certain chapters:
John XXIII: a good pope, a bad teacher

The deceptions of Vatican II: "aggiornamento" and "pastoral focus"

Pope Wojtyla was right about communism: the Council should not have been silent

The "mea culpas" of John Paul II have been corrected, but not enough

Conclave 2005: what I said to the future pope

Go read, Before the Last Conclave: What I told the Pope

Mr. Magister has another article which recently appeared on his blog

The Encyclical Against the "Modernists" Turns 100 – But Without Fanfare

No official celebrations for the centenary of the "Pascendi" encyclical. The "unworthy methods" used to fight this battle have been discarded. But the questions at the center of that controversy are still open. And the book "Jesus of Nazareth" is proof of this

by Sandro Magister

Go read, The Encyclical Against the "Modernists" Turns 100 – But Without Fanfare

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