Sunday, October 21, 2007

Palla Eius - the Crowd

Folks, the crowd was incredible today. People were still looking for a place to park at 3:15. The start time was pushed back to allow people time to flow in. Every available chair in the building was brought into the gym, and that wasn't enough. One set of bleachers had to be opened (and the photo below doesn't do it justice because it was completely full a few minutes later).

I'll be able to share more pictures taken at dress rehearsals in recent weeks now that the performance is over. I did not want to give away the set and props. However, for now, I leave you with just these because it is time for me to head off to bed!

As you will see below, Detroit Auxiliary Bishop John M. Quinn came to this afternoon's performance. There were also several other visiting priests in the audience, some seen in pictures here, including Fr. Val!

This first shot is only a fraction of the south end of the gym. I could not get the full shot. My little 6ft high station was surrounded with chairs.

Several members of the choir could not be there this afternoon, but helped at other performances.

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