Friday, October 19, 2007

Palla Eius cast members wait in the hallway as the sound system is tested

News from Grotto:

Orchestra performances for the musical Palla Eius take place tonight at 7:00pm, and Sunday at 3:00pm. The dress rehearsal with orchestra took place this past Wednesday. When you hear it, you have to keep in mind that every last note was composed by our pastor, Fr. Eduard Perrone. I tell you that Father is a real trip to have come up with these compositions. He must not have slept for a month and I can imagine what his vacation must have been like (rumor has it that much was written during his July hiatus).

It's simply brilliant and in the spirit of the musicals from an era past. Please support Catholic Drama, and the folks of Assumption Grotto and Sts Cyril & Methodius who are in this play. Keep in mind it was concepted by our own Sr. Maria Paschalis, put to script by 17 year old parishioner Renee Kray, choreographed by a former Broadway professional, Sonja Krolik, and directed by Opus Bono Sacerdotii president Joe Maher.

Michigan Catholic reporter, Robert Delaney, interviews Fr. Perrone during the Piano Performance dress rehearsal

Also, I just received news that the Helpers of God's Precious Infants fall Prayer Vigil will take place on November 10th. Save that date.

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Local News in the AOD:

15 Permanent Deacons Ordained (Michigan Catholic)

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Catholic Conference Responds to Formation of Embryonic Stem Cell Research Ballot Committee (Michigan Catholic Conference) and the Letter that went to Catholic Homes, and from the same site.....Michigan Catholic Conference Launches Massive Statewide Stem Cell Education Program

I got my letter and disk in the mail from the Michigan Catholic Conference. This is a good thing they are doing in trying to educate Catholics about Embryonic Stem Cell research.

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