Saturday, October 27, 2007

Feminists don’t speak for women, says Dominican cardinal in blistering reply

The Cardinal from Santo Domingo speaks for the woman writer of this blog!

Add Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopes Rodriguez to the Bishops with Backbone category.

He speaks on true feminisim.... emphasis mine in bold.

Santo Domingo, Oct 26, 2007 / 11:14 am (CNA).- Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez of Santo Domingo, responded to criticism by radical feminists this week who accused him of pressuring the country’s legislature not to legalize abortion, saying these groups do not represent the interests of women.

“Women have always had all of my respect,” the cardinal said, “but I have never agreed, nor will I ever agree, with feminists of the bad kind, who are given over to everything except helping women.”

According to the cardinal, feminists, together with the United Nations, are the ones pressuring the governments of the world to legalize abortion.

Feminist groups, he explained, do not fight for the dignity of women, but rather they bring women down with the help of some sectors of society. “Only an imbecile, a moron, someone ignorant of everything, could defend that position,” he said.

Source article at CNA

Oh, how sweet it is to hear a prince of the Church speak like this.

I'm a feminist - a Marian feminist. That is, a female who lives to learn and understand the teachings of the Catholic faith, not challenge them for convenience and immoral purposes.

Ladies, it's not what you do with your body that counts. It's what you are doing to someone else's body - destruction - through abortion.

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