Friday, January 12, 2007

Archbishop Burke in Detroit: Photo Post 8 (Final)

Photograph by Michael Shuster

Archbishop Raymond L. Burke made one other stop in the Detroit area, as well: St. Michael's Media. What is St. Michael's Media? From their website....

Saint Michael's Media is responding to the call for a New Evangelization. Pope Benedict XVI states that “we are searching for . . . a new evangelization, capable of being heard by that world that does not find access to 'classic' evangelization . . . This is why we are obliged to look for new ways of bringing the Gospel to all.”

Modern social communications are “marvels of technology which God has destined human genius to discover” (Inter Mirifica) and can be used for great good as well as great evil. Saint Michael's Media invokes its angelic namesake in its work of employing the mass media for the illumination of souls with the light and truth of Jesus Christ. Saint Michael's Media strives to be part of the Church's work for the New Evangelization by producing high quality Catholic programming which overcomes the darkness of ignorance regarding the teachings of Christ and His Church
I had heard of St. Michael's Media some months ago by parishioners of Grotto, but have not caught them on local television. In fact, I did not realize they were on local television, not local Catholic television.

Michael Voris, the founder, is a former news anchor and is the host of a television show produced by SMM called, "The One True Faith". This show was originally created to counter the errors and misinformation being spread by the poorly developed DaVinci Code. It was also aimed at poorly catechized and fallen away Catholics, but ended up being of interest to a wide array of people, including atheists, agnostics, and protestants.

There is a local listing for metro Detroit with time and station (and a new season beginning January 14th). If you do not live in this area, you can purchase DVDs of the show. There are short clips of some of the broadcasts as samples. There is a section of further reading, as well.

The best news for all of us is that St. Michael's Media produces podcasts.

From their website:

Here in the web department of Saint Michael's Media we have an unofficial mantra; "Taking the Internet back from Satan one byte at a time". Much of our efforts are directed towards the material on this website, but we are also intrested in producing and distributing a number of Podcasts.
Well, God bless 'em. We are on a similar path because I've been saying for the longest time that the internet is a mission territory and there is a vast battle for souls. Consider that a split second, click away from this site or any other Christian site are traps that feed our fallen human nature (concupiscence). I too originally began this website to share truths of the faith with other Catholics only to learn that there is a mixed audience here. It has been a beautiful experience hearing from other Catholics, as well as non-Catholics.

A few final notes: You can support SMM with your donations, sponsorship, and your purchases at their online store, or at the studio when you visit. No apostolate can run without funding to pay light bills and the like.

And, keep up to date by visiting their blog (yeah!).

Photograph by Michael Shuster

Archbishop Burke's Visit

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