Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Archbishop Burke in Detroit: Photo Post 7

This photo was taken during Exposition on December 30, 2006

While there was something following the bishop's afternoon talk intended for Marian Catechists, the bulk of the day was open to everyone. In his afternoon talk, the Archbishop spoke about Fr. John A. Hardon and the cause for beatification of this priest. The National Catholic Register had an article a few months back entitled, St. John Hardon?

This is always a favorite shot to get, but is also a difficult one because the lighting is variable. Rain was predicted, but we ended up with a beautiful, balmy, sunny day. This is evident by the brightened stained-glass window in the background which faces South and was giving off more light than I anticipated. This photo is ligthened somewhat, but futher lightening bleaches it and clouds it.

I never use flash, especially at such a moment as it distracts those who came to listen. I also never attempt such a thing during Mass because I must kneel right next to the beginning of the altar rail at the North entrance. Clicking on this photo will enlarge it on most computer screens. His ring is visible.

Abp. Burke followed with Benediction.

My next photo post will conclude the visit of Archbishop Raymond L. Burke with another important stop he made in the metro Detroit area.

Archbishop Burke's Visit

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