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Full translation of Gianluca Barile's report on CDF and Medjugorje…

Two main sources in Italy dropped bombshells by publishing articles online suggesting they had gotten a scoop on what is soon to happen with Medjugorje. One of those is a report from Vatican watcher Gianluca Barile, writing at Diary of a Vaticanista;  and the other, a report by Serena Sartini of il Giornale .  The accounts differ slightly, and neither mentions where they got the information, so presumably, it was leaked. Therefore, the usual caveats apply.

Both of these sources do agree that a meeting took place yesterday; and, the CDF's findings agreed with that of Cardinal Ruini's commission Medjugorje; and, that the report is now with the Holy Father.  Radio Maria (Italy) several hours later made two Tweets within a few minutes of one another, with one suggesting the meeting of the CDF never happened, so "sleep well", and the other relaying the June 25, 2015 Medjugorje Message by Marija.  Of course, they don't cite a source either for suggesting no meeting took place.  With all the dust stirred up, I'll be surprised if we don't hear from Fr. Lombardi once again.

So as things usually go with Medjugorje, and with two reports slightly varying, everyone gets to pick which source fits their fancy.  Richard Chonak has completed a full translation of one of the reports - the one by Gianluca Barile. You can read the whole thing in his post at Catholic Light: Has CDF Decided?

Barile offered the most stinging details.  A few main points according to his report:

  • The judgment is "absolutely negative" - the "apparitions" are not supernatural
  • The only concession is recognition of Medjugorje as a "place of prayer" because  as Gianluca reports: "Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith" said during the meeting, "God knows how to reap where he does not sow"
  • St. James will not be given shrine status as devotees and "visionaries" had hoped. 
  • The "visionaries" are to be isolated from the people in such a way that forbids pilgrims from any contact with them while in ecstasy; and the "visionaries" forbidden to disclose "messages". 
  • Bishops are forbidden to have the "visionaries" speak in their dioceses as we have seen in the past. 
  • Pilgrims will be allowed to visit the parish for the Sacraments and prayer, and may bring a priest, but on condition that they do nothing, by their presence, to recognize the "apparitions."  
It's hard to believe that pilgrims will visit Medjugorje without rejecting the Holy See's final discernment on authenticity and be their own "magisterium" on the matter.  It makes me wonder if the Church would order the removal of certain reminders of the "apparitions" such as the statue that Bishop Zanic ordered removed in 1985, which read, in part:

In the meantime, matters remain as they were, and a great disgrace is expected to befall the Church. Now, without any delay, after all this, I demand from you that you remove the "visionaries" from public display and put an end to their "visions" in the parish church. They have had "visions" in Mostar, and earlier in Sarajevo, Visoko and Dubrovnik. Let them now have them at their homes: people say that they had them at their homes during 1981. In ten days the new statue of the Gospa in front of the main altar ought to be discreetly removed late one evening and replaced by the old one. You must stop talking about apparitions and also cease publicizing messages. The devotions that grew out of the "apparitions" and their messages must be eliminated, sales of souvenirs and printed material which propagate the "apparitions" must also stop. The faithful can go to the sacrament of reconciliation and attend Mass. I do not allow the other priests, especially Fathers Jozo Zovko, Tomislav Vlasic and Ljudevit Rupcic, to celebrate Mass for the faithful or to preach. (March 25, 1985 - Source)

Perhaps Our Lady of Perpetual Help statue would be more fitting, among many others already approved by the Church.

I also wonder, again, if Gianluca's report is accurate, whether the Church will address those who are promoting Medjugorje through websites, books, magazines, and various pieces of merchandise from medals and special rosaries to medals, handbags, and other items.

Gianluca gives several reasons as to why the Holy See is supposedly coming down so hard.  Here is an excerpt from Richard's translation:
But why so much severity on the Vatican’s part? First of all, due to the theological inconsistency of the messages, then because of the economic interest of the “seers” who have invested in inns and travel agencies, and hence due to the rivalry which has divided some of them, and for the disobedience shown both toward the bishop of Mostar, their Diocese, and toward the Pope who, by means of the “Ruini Commission”, ordered them in vain to present the ten secrets which they allegedly received from the “Gospa”. One of the key aspects which impelled the Vatican to use the iron fist, is precisely that of money: true seers have never been seen making money from their own apparitions. On this point, it’s only right to ask: do the six “seers” of Medjugorje maintain that they see and speak with our Lady because the alleged apparitions are real, or only to attract a greater number of pilgrims to travel with their agencies and make reservations in their inns?

Now, I said there was a second report - the one in il Giornale.  I provided the link in the beginning.  The best I can offer is to suggest you put it into an auto translator if you don't know Italian.

Soon, all of this time spent discussing it will simply be time we can't get back.

When it comes to the Church discerning Medjugorje, I'm not interested in who's right and who's wrong; I'm interested in truth.  Charity, justice, and mercy subsist in truth.  Without truth, we engage in false charity. Injustice is the fruit of "justice" without truth. And, cruelty is the end result of "mercy" that is devoid of truth.  

Jimmy Akin has some good points about the things we've seen floating around the cyber-diocese in recent days.

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