Saturday, September 11, 2010

Abp Vigneron leads more than 500 in prayer vigil at abortion clinic

His Excellency, Allen H. Vigneron, the Archbishop of Detroit, led a prayer vigil  in front of an abortion clinic in Westland, Michigan earlier today.  More than 500 participated in the vigil which was organized by the Helpers of God's Precious Infants of Michigan.  It began with holy Mass at 7:30  A.M.  Archbishop Vigneron was the main celebrant at the Mass which took place at St. Michael's in Livonia, Michigan

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I will embed some photos here in this post, but the vast majority will be viewable in a slideshow at the bottom.  Please note that using photos which are embedded in this blogpost for print, will likely result in low quality or pixelated photos. You will want to visit my SmugMug gallery for this account to get high resolution photos.  Pictures may be used for blogs and websites for pro-life purposes, but they may not be sold.  Please provide a courtesy link back to this blogpost so people know the origin of the work.

I had many strange problems with my camera today (everything from strange bleaching to blur, and malfuctioning card which kept telling me it wasn't formatted for use).  This affected the quality of most photos.  What you see has been corrected as best I could with a post-processing software.

First, we will start with photos from the Mass. 

The Mass at St. Michael's began at 7:30 A.M.

Archbishop Vigneron is seen during the homily.  I thought it opportune to get a photo of him with Our Lady of Perpetual Help looking over his shoulder, since he worked to foster devotion to her in the archdiocese soon after being installed.

In the photo above, with the archbishop, from left to right, is Deacon Gerald Smigell, Rev. Jack Quinlan, Rev. Don Lacuesta, Rev. Raymond Arwady, Rev. William Tindall (Pastor - St. Michael's), and Rev. Greg Tokarski. Off camera, and also concelebrating, was the archbishop's secretary, Rev. Charles Fox. Between funerals, weddings, confessions, and other obligations, it is often difficult for priests to break away for a few hours on Saturdays. I think it is often a challenge for religious sisters, as well, since Saturdays are usually a day to catch up on ordinary obligations.

Below, Archbishop Vigneron elevates our Eucharistic Lord and is seen in consecration of the Precious Blood. Read more about Catholic belief in the Real Presence, and it' biblical origins.

Above, a clinic worker takes video of the massive crowd assembling around the place and people took care to remain on public property.  At no point was access blocked (but I don't recall seeing a single "customer" while we were there).  The Helper's of God's Precious Infants is a model of peaceful, prayerful witness, so direct contact with clinic workers by those witnessing through prayer is discouraged. Trained sidewalk counselors work in front of some abortion mills, guiding the women, if necessary, to nearby crisis pregnancy centers which help them in many ways, and provide continuing support.

Below, Archbishop Vigneron can be seen leading the Rosary through a walkie-talkie.  Many hand sets were distributed among the many participants so all could hear and follow the prayers.

A few random shots

Something just seemed symbolic about the feet of this little guy with his shoe being tied by his dad.  How many of the unborn will never make it out of the womb to wear shoes?  I've inlcluded below it, a photo of the feet of a baby at 11 weeks

Before departing the abortion clinic to head back to the mustering area in prayer, a moment of silence is made.  Prayers are offered not just for the women and their unborn babies, but for the baby's father, those who may be pressuring the women into thinking abortion is the only way, as well as for the clinic workers.  The "Helpers" had nearly 700 "turns" last year, and that does not include those who may have changed their mind without any indication. 

Below, Archbishop Vigneron leads the prayerful crowd back to the lot where we parked, while praying the last set of mysteries (usually, all 20 mysteries are prayed with the Divine Mercy Chaplet recently being added).

With the archbishop at his side, Dan Goodnow, the President of the Helpers of God's Precious Infants of Michigan addresses the crowd, and invites them back to St. Michael's for Benediction, refreshments, and a brief meeting.

His Excellency gives a blessing to all present. 

Bags were handed out with some pro-life material. 

Back at St. Michael's, Our Eucharistic Lord was waiting for the return of the people.

Father Raymond Arwady gives Benediction with the Blessed Sacrament.

Many went for refreshments and the meeting which followed

Here is a slideshow (I recommend setting it to fast). It contains the entire pic collection.

Here is a link to the gallery at Smugmug for this prayer vigil with Archbishop Vigneron, which has high resolution photos.  You can also click through them at your own pace here.


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