Monday, November 16, 2009

Audio: Patrick Madrid fields a call on Medjugorje on EWTN's Open Line

I am fortunate that in my line of work, I can listen to podcasts on my iPod.  I subscribe to many Catholic podcasts and it fills up my day with everything from apologetics to talk on Scripture, and current events. 

One of the shows to which I listen is EWTN's Open Line series. Patrick Madrid has the microphone on Thursdays.  A couple of Thursdays ago, I heard him field a question on Medjguorje.  I am glad to see that he has uploaded that particular clip on to his own blog.  It's only about 5 minutes worth of audio.  Do listen to his response:

Go to Patrick's blogpost and listen to: A caller to my "Open Line" radio show asks me about the "good fruits" of Medjugorje

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