Friday, June 26, 2015

Who needs football when you can watch Italian journalists spar over Medjugorje

Last night, I discussed the bombshell report from Vatican watcher, Gianluca Barile, concerning Medjugorje, and linked to the full translation of his report by Richard Chonak.

This morning, we read that Andrea Tornielli is refuting (Italian) any notion that the case has gone to the Holy Father on the basis that, he says, the CDF's feria quarta did not take place.  That part contradicts what both Barile said, and what was reported in il Giornale, as I discussed in my post.  I don't know if it means anything or not that Cardinal Muller saw the pope this morning. It could have been a regular visit; it could have been regarding other matters, and it could have been regarding Medjugorje. Who knows?

Some hours later Gianluca responded to Tornielli's report (Italian), with a heading that basically says, "It's the denial that denies not much of anything."

So, there are two issues here: 1) Did the meeting happen, and more importantly, the bottom line - does the Holy Father now hold the cards?  2) What is coming down whether it is tomorrow or at the end of the year?

Where Tornielli seems to believe nothing can happen until there is a meeting and a vote within the CDF, if I understand him correctly, Barile reminds readers that the final decision rests with the Holy Father. I don't know if he concedes that the meeting may not have taken place and is saying it is only a formality that may not be necessary, or if he still believes the meeting did take place.

What is more important, and before people get all excited about what Tornielli says about the report going to the Holy Father or not, Andrea does not seem to deny any of the significant seemingly leaked guidelines posted by Barile.   I listed them in my post yesterday.  Whether we hear the decision of the Holy Father tomorrow, or at the end of the year, doesn't really matter. What really matters is the substance.  After 34 years, even a few months seems "imminent"

As Republica also reported (Italian), the biggest clincher in all of this was the money factor and how the alleged visionaries are raking in bucks connected to tourist gigs and hotels.  Along with that are theological inconsistencies and disobedience to the local bishop, to the diocese, and to the Pope himself (when ordered through the commission to disclose the 10 secrets and they did not).

So, everyone can have their fun speculating "when" but the most important part is the "what".  No one seems to be denying some very devastating consequences coming down on the alleged visionaries, and the ripple effect to devotees.

Update: I'd like to remind people to that Tornielli is hardly unbiased in his reporting on anything related to Medjugorje.

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