Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Video, photos, audio from Corpus Christi at Assumption Grotto

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Here are some images from among those the GoPro Hero 4 was capturing every 5 seconds.  It takes, 12 megapixel photos, but I find it cumbersome to operate as it is so slow to respond.  I've been unable to keep the connection to my smart phone, as well, so I had to choose settings through the camera.

There are actually several hundred people in attendance, but they were spread out considerably, and behind me in many shots. The GoPro really doesn't do good with distance shots and detail, so I had to get closer.

Even here, there are scores of people behind me and to the sides.

Benediction at the third altar

On the way to the fourth altar.

At the fourth altar. Here again, there are so many people out of view of the camera.

Benediction at the fourth altar.

On the way back into the church.

These are some still shots from before the Noon Mass of the altars.  Some were incomplete.  I think all families setting these up had problems with the wind which was a huge factor. On one altar close to Gratiot, vases and small statues kept blowing over, so they could not fully prepare it as they wanted. 

There are four altars representing the four corners of the earth, as Fr. John Hardon explains.  Families take each of these on.  Here are the four.  This first one features a mini-altar made by a parishioner, Walt. 

Here, you see the grotto built in the 1800's, after which the parish gets it's nickname, in the background.

Altar three near Monsignor Sawher's grave.

The final altar is near Gratiot.

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