Monday, June 8, 2015

Vatican releases official transcript of Holy Father's words on Medjugorje; and English translation

On a quick note, there's been some development in what I offered earlier regarding a remark Pope Francis made about Medjugorje when on the plane returning to Rome from Sarajevo.

There has been some confusion because of variation in different Italian mainstream outlets, and a partial video of the Pope speaking, as Richard Chonak notes in the comments section of his post here.

Since then, the Holy See released the official Italian, which is very close to Richard's final translation (in the update at the bottom of his post).  And, overnight, the official English translation became available [Update: Not long after this post went up the English translation was taken down off the Vatican website. This is not good to go back and forth. Maybe the page will yield something later like, a clarification of a clarification of a clarification, which is all too common when it comes to Medjugorje and Holy See communications. Update 2: Italian is gone too. Below is a snapshot of what they read. FINAL UPDATE: The text in the original links above have been restored on the Vatican website, with the rest of the conversation. Apparently, the problem was a lack of text. ]

There are slight discrepancies, but either way it does not bode well for Medjugorje.  My friend, Marilena, from Croatia, has provided a visual mark-up and some notes, which I quote here with her permission.  Marilena writes:
Something you might want to know. I compared official English and Italian of Pope's answer to Medjugorje question during plane press. There are few things that are not quite literally: "Issue" is used instead of "problem" and "at the right time" instead of "in these times". And one more thing that could be significant: Pope says that guidelines to the bishops are given along the lines that will be taken. Which I read as if they banned them, they don't approve it, or there will be restrictions.
Here is the graphic she marked up to go with that (you might need to click, to enlarge):

Some do use "issue" in the context of problem, so perhaps this is what is intended.

However, setting all these differences aside, the greatest indicator we have seen giving us some insight into what kind of guidelines has been given to bishops, is the rash of cancellations in a number of countries, coming through the bishops, even at venues not on Church property.

I've waited at least 10 years for the Church to answer the question of Medjugorje (the first 20+ I was cautiously optimistic, before discovering how it wounded my soul).  If I have to wait until September 8 - the day the Church observes the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary - I won't mind.  The "gospa" of Medjugorje said it was really August 5th and that is the date many Medjugorje devotees celebrate it.  It would be a good day to take back this feast day.  But, if the Holy See wants to answer the question of Medjugorje this week or next, I'll be quite happy, just the same.

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