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Photo post: Mass of Thanksgiving - Fr. Douglas Braun.

Last Saturday, Fr. Douglas Braun was ordained to the priesthood in the Diocese of Grand Rapids.  He returned to Assumption Grotto today to celebrate a Mass of Thanksgiving.  He chose to do this Mass in Extraordinary Form (1962 Missal) and it was a Solemn High Mass.

Fr. Braun was known to many of us at Grotto and he was a member of my Carmelite community there. We can only hope his schedule will permit him to visit us on a First Saturday some time.

Before we get into the photos, be sure to visit GrottoCast for Fr. Perrone's homily on the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which was uploaded a short time ago.  There are some images in that post from that 9:30 A.M. Mass, as well.

This was the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar.

The start of the Gloria

This was in the middle of the Gloria, as the Assumption Grotto Choir sang (it's not uncommon for the priests and people to sit, especially during longer versions).  We see here, Fr. John Bustamante, associate pastor at Assumption Grotto to Fr. Braun's right as the deacon of the Mass; and, to his left is Br. Esteban Ybarra, FMCD serving as subdeacon of the Mass.

The First Lesson on the Third Sunday after Pentecost being read from the Missa 'Respice in Me' (within the octave of the Sacred Heart of Jesus). 

The Gospel here is about to be read after incensing.

Fr. John Bustamante delivers a homily on the Sacred Heart

Fr. Braun is incensing the altar as we enter the Offertory. Someone asked me what the subdeacon of the Mass, over to the left, was holding under the humeral veil. It is the Paten. This one-pager explains.

Lots of incense in the 1962 Missal for Solemn High Masses.

Fr. Braun elevates the Body of Christ just consecrated at his freshly ordained hands.

Elevation of the Chalice with the Blood of Christ

This is one of the most beautiful moments after the Consecration and Elevation - when the celebrant consumes the Body of Christ, the deacon and subdeacon will stand in either corner on the top step and bow. This photo was taken just before that bow.  When I noticed this the first time back in 2007, it struck me. The profound sense of reverence shown impacted my level of interior reverence.

The priest turns and says, "Ecce Angus Dei…" (This is the Lamb of God…)

A kneeler was brought out for the altar boys as they were given Communion

The final blessing

After Mass, a marriage was blessed by Fr. Braun

After that, Father did "First Blessings" along the altar rail

A small child looks up at the figure towering over her as a blessing is given.

You can view all 54 pictures taken in the Smugmug gallery for this event.  I ask that links be provided to this post rather than direct to the gallery, since there is some useful info here and background.

Here is a link again to Fr. Perrone's homily on the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which was delivered at the 9:30 a.m. Mass, is now available at GrottoCast.

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