Sunday, June 7, 2015

Observation of Corpus Christi; note about Holy Father's Trip to Sarajevo

Today, in the U.S. we celebrate Corpus Christi in the new calendar and Assumption Grotto will have a special orchestral Mass, using the 1962 Missal for an external celebration of Corpus Christi at Noon, followed by a Eucharistic procession.  I blogged on this the other day with details. God-willing, I can share some things later today.

I had the opportunity to watch all of the coverage through EWTN of the Holy Father's trip to Sarajevo as they kept re-broadcasting through the day.

Everything from the trip - the Holy Father's words, can be found on this page (toggle the language setting near the top for more options).   I will blog some thoughts about the trip, hopefully, on Monday. This was a beautiful mission of mercy for healing and unity in a region that has suffered so much in recent decades.  That is what I will focus on.

I said I wouldn't mention Medjugorje unless it came up as part of the trip.  Not surprising, a member of the press brought it up fairly quickly in the plane.  There was more than one version of what was said, and this resulted in varying translations.  But, there was also video - partial video of one critical part of what Pope Francis said.  Richard Chonak, looking at all the accounts together, along with the partial video clip, offered this in the update at the bottom of his post along with source quote links.

UPDATE: Now that I’ve seen a video clip (alas, only partial) and some other reporters’ versions of the Pope’s words, here’s a more detailed rendition:  
 “On the problem of Medjugorje, Pope Benedict XVI, in his time, set up a commission, presided over by Cardinal Camillo Ruini. There were other cardinals, theologians, specialists, who made a study. Ruini came to me and presented the study, which took three or four years; they did a good job. Cardinal Gerhard Müller told me he would be doing a ‘feria quarta’ at that time: I think it took place the last Wednesday of the month, but I’m not sure. But we’re ready to make decisions, and then they’ll be stated. Only a few directives are being given to bishops about the direction we’re taking.”  
[Note: ‘feria quarta’ (Latin for “Wednesday”) refers to a meeting of the full CDF membership.]

My quick take on this is very simple.  It comes down to the kinds of signals we see coming through bishops with regards to the directives being given.  We have seen gigs by the alleged visionaries cancelled one after another in multiple countries with even Medjugorje-promoting sites conceding that Rome is behind it.  This image is a snapshot from that linked post at the Crown of Stars blog.

With that out of the way, I can discuss the Holy Father's trip to Sarajevo, as there is much there that should stand alone.

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