Friday, December 6, 2013

This Sunday: Solemn High Mass for Immaculate Conception with Mozart's Coronation Mass

This Sunday, December 8th, Fr. Eduard Perrone will direct the Assumption Grotto Choir and Orchestra in Mozart's Coronation Mass in the context of a Solemn High Mass.

In the ordinary form of the Mass, the USCCB has shifted observance of Immaculate Conception this year to December 9th (and they state it is not a holy day of obligation, but bishops can deviate, so check your diocesan website).

In the extraordinary form of the Mass, which uses the 1962 Missal, it is a 1st class feast.  Father Z wrote on November 4th:

In the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite Immaculate Conception is a 1st class feast that trumps the Sunday (which gets a commemoration).  In the EF we don’t transfer Immaculate Conception to Monday (which would be a ferial day in Advent).

Taking advantage of this feast day falling on a Sunday in the old calendar, Fr. Perrone decided to have an orchestral Mass, which he will conduct at the usual time slot for the TLM - 9:30 AM.  My understanding is that it will be a Solemn High Mass, celebrated by a guest priest from out-of-town.

To boot, the Grotto Knights are holding a pancake breakfast after the 9:30 and Noon Masses.

Resources on the Immaculate Conception:

Painting at top: The Immaculate Conception of the Venerable Ones, or of Soult - Bartolom├ę Esteban Murillo (1617–1682)

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