Friday, May 1, 2009

Hectic days...

There is an awful lot of news out there and hopefully, you are checking in at some of the usual sites to catch it. I scan these daily on my phone, for example, while waiting at the doctor's office with Mom. I just can't post on them.

There is a lot happening for me in the days ahead, so posting may be light, as well.

Tonight is a special Mass at Assumption Grotto and it will be a solemn high Mass sung by the choir: Solemn High Mass at Grotto Tonight; Relic of St. Augustin V. Schoeffler

Also coming up....Metro Detroit: St. Monica Sodality Mass with Fr. Perrone

Check the news at these resources. I understand the list of bishops speaking out on Notre Dame is up to 57:

There are a few places I pick up news daily in the blogosphere including, and not limited to:

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