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Metro Detroit: St. Monica Sodality Mass with Fr. Perrone

I have moved this post made the other day, up to today. It is a fresh reminder of a Mass available to metro Detroiters aimed especially those friends and loved ones who have fallen away from the Catholic faith. It is tomorrow night - Monday, at Sts Cyril & Methodius in Sterling Heights (18 & Ryan) with Fr. Perrone as the main celebrant. See details below

I'm still in the midst of some things that have eaten up most of my spare time which is why posting has been light. I do have some beautiful photos to share from the Friday night Solemn High Mass on the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker. It also happened to be the day that a relic of St. Augustine Schoeffler was introduced and venerated. You can read some background by Fr. Perrone's here along with the saint's connection to Assumption Grotto. I am trying to get his homily from th3 Mass and perhaps then will post the photos.

BTW - if you have never been to a Mass in the Extraordinary Form ("Tridentine"), a sheet with the propers/readings, along with postures, will be provided.


This just in from the St. Monica Sodality of Michigan. First, what is the St. Monica Sodality? First, you have to know that St. Monica was the mother of St. Augustine (scroll down at their homepage to read why the sodality is named after St. Monica.

Here is the Mission Statement:
The Saint Monica Sodality of Michigan is an organization of Roman Catholics; clergy, religious and laity who, in imitation of St. Monica, persevere in hopeful prayer for the return of loved ones to the full practice of the Catholic Faith. We offer support, by prayer and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, to those who have experienced the departure of loved ones from the faith. Through our practice of the faith that includes frequent reception of the Sacraments, and with all humility, we hope and trust in God that our words and actions will also inspire others to embrace Catholicism.

Fr. Perrone is an excellent homilist. He is a diocesan priest who is a secular Carmelite and it comes through in his talks. If you have not heard him, and especially, if you have loved ones and friends who have fallen away from the faith, please come to this Mass.

Now for the advertisement, please click on the pics to enlarge.

Now, from the St. Monica Sodality of Michigan website on this event:


The Saint Monica Sodality of Michigan is very pleased to announce a special Mass, Monday, May 4 at 7 P.M.

at Ss. Cyril & Methodius Catholic Slovak Church.

Rev. Fr. Eduard Perrone, pastor of Assumption Grotto Church, will celebrate the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, known as the "Tridentine" Mass of 1962, the same Mass Rev. Fr. Ben Kosnac, pastor of St. Cyril, celebrates each Saturday at 6 P.M.

Prior to August 27, the feast of St. Monica was May 4, the date her remains were transferred to Rome to the Basilica of St. Augustine. Here an altar was built over her tomb in her chapel. And here is where our petitions come to rest. All the names written on the petition slips and placed in the St. Monica Petition Box near the St. Michael Statue by the church entrance, and those at Assumption Grotto, are sent yearly to St. Monica's chapel and placed on the altar when Masses are offered. Some remain at the foot of the altar, and some have even been placed on the pillow next to her below the altar.

Since every Mass is all inclusive, you are all invited. Come learn about St. Monica and her son, St. Augustine, and her sodality. Experience her intercession in a new light, in May the month of Mary and all mothers. Look for more information here as we near May 4.

The bottom line is that the faithful can celebrate the Feast of St. Monica twice in a given year - once in the Ordinary Form (new Mass) on August 27th, and in the Extraordinary Form (1962 Missal) on May 4th.

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