Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Senator Casey's Spokesman: Vote against Martinez Amendment did not conflict with pro-life views

This is the first response we are seeing out of Senator Robert Casey Jr.'s office since Bishop Martino published his second open letter to the politician on February 26th.

(CNSNews.com) - Sen. Robert Casey Jr.’s office told CNSNews.com on Monday that the Pennsylvania Democrat’s vote against an amendment that would have revived the Mexico City Policy did not conflict with his pro-life views.


Casey campaigned in 2006 as a pro-life Democrat. His father, Gov. Robert Casey, was well known for breaking with the party over the
abortion issue and was publicly shunned by the national Democratic Party.

Casey’s vote against extending the Mexico City policy is not in contradiction to his Catholic or pro-life principles, said Smar [Larry Smar is Casey's spokesman].

“In accordance with his pro-life views, Senator Casey voted recently to rescind Mexico City Policy, thus allowing U.S. funding of family planning services to international aid organizations,” Smar told CNSNews.com.


Smar said the vote was for family planning services abroad, not abortion.

But the diocese letter to Casey last week charged that Casey’s office “continually misrepresented” the vote. “The Mexico City Policy is, first and foremost, about abortion, not about family planning,” Bishop Martino wrote.

Stay tuned....and don't forget to pray for the conversion of Catholic politicians.

While you are at it, pray for our bishops. As interesting as it all is to read, this is a very heavy cross for any bishop to carry.

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