Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pope Benedict: Parish life can't be just fun and games

Pope Benedict with an interesting comment to pastors on parish life:

He asserted, "A parish in which only games are played and drinks are shared would be absolutely superfluous."

"The meaning of a parish," he emphasized, should be "the cultural, human and Christian formation" of each personality, helping each person achieve maturity.


Faith must be at the heart of all cultural formation, he affirmed, "to know the face of God, which has been shown to us in Christ and thus to have the orientation point for the rest of culture, which otherwise is disoriented and becomes disorienting."

He added: "A culture without personal knowledge of God, and without knowledge of the face of God in Christ, is a culture that could even be destructive, because it does not know the necessary ethical guidelines.

"In this sense, I believe, we really have a mission of profound cultural and human formation, which opens to all the riches of the culture of our time, but which gives the criterion, the discernment to test what is true culture and what could become anti-cultural."

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