Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Notre Dame Scandal: Updated List of Bishops Speaking out - March 31

Here we go, a few more added on to the bottom:

Am I missing somebody? Drop a name into the combox. I'll moderate when I get home.

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gemoftheocean said...

Yeah, you're missing all the other bishops in the US who need to grow a spine!!!!


lizaanne said...

Bishop Nickless from Sioux City. Simon has a post about him on his Personally Opposed But blog. :-) You can get to it from the homepage of RealCatholicTV.com

Diane M. Korzeniewski, OCDS said...

Karen - there are many good bishops, appalled with Notre Dame's decision. Don't mistake their silence for cowardice.

Also, keep in mind that each day we are seeing more statements. I believe the list will grow leading up to commencements.

In some cases, we may not hear from a given bishop until his diocesan paper is printed. Some of those are printed monthly or every 2-3 weeks.

We saw varied means of communications between bishops before the election. I think we will see the same here.

Give it time and pray for our bishops. It would be awesome to have a very long list of bishos in the coming weeks.

Diane M. Korzeniewski, OCDS said...

Thanks Lizaanne - I'm swamped at the moment. I'm aware there are four more, which includes Bishop Nickless.

I'll be adding those listed in this LifeSiteNews article, hopefully before I head off to bed.

Now, I need to go get my taxes in order before it's too late!

Anonymous said...

http://www.cardinalnewmansociety.org/CardinalNewmanSociety/tabid/36/ctl/Details/mid/435/ItemID/470/Default.aspx The Cardinal Newman Society has a wonderful, direct letter from Bishop Doran, Rockville, IL, to the Dean of ND

Matt said...

Bp. Martino has now commented yesterday. check www.dioceseofscranton.org

momtomany12 said...

Please add our wonderful Bishop Martino of Scranton to your list. Also our auxiliary bishop, Bishop John Dougherty.

momtomany12 said...

Here is the letter from the diocoese of Scranton, PA: