Monday, March 30, 2009

Notre Dame Scandal: List of Bishops commenting as of March 30, 2009

There is an awful lot of interesting news out there, but I got home too late to cover it.

However, I would like to update the list of bishops who have spoken out on the Notre Dame Scandal:

Got more? Email me at, or drop them into the combox. Either way, most will likely be updated in the evenings.

I also think it is noteworthy, since we are on the topic of bishops speaking up, is the words of Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver during a workshop on debate and discourse. It is not about the Notre Dame scandal, but worthy reading I want to pass along since I don't have time to make a post on it. Go read: Archbp. Chaput’s workshop on debate and discourse at the blog of Fr. Z.

For other interesting news commentary, I recommend checking out some of the recent posts at American Papist and Father Z's blog. New Advent has also had some interesting pics from the blogosphere.

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