Thursday, March 5, 2009

LifeNews: Senate Defeats Pro-Life Amdt to Stop Funding UNFPA-ForcedAbortions

Washington, DC -- The Senate on Thursday rejected an amendmentthat would have stopped the sending of taxpayer funds to theUnited Nations Population Fund. That's the UN agency that hasbeen found to have supported the Chinese population control program that relies on forced abortions and sterilizations.

The Senate voted 55-39 against the amendment, with a handful ofDemocrats joining most Republicans in voting pro-life for it.

Full story, voting record, and action alert at LifeNews

I'm sure someone is working on a list of Catholic politicians who voted against this. What is so sickening about this to me is the problem highlighted in China. Abortions are being forced, often violently and our tax dollars will be funding it.


Oh, I forgot....they were busy voting the for the oppression and abuse of women and babies in other countries.

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